Firewood Stacking

Firewood Stacking

Have you had your firewood dumped on the front lawn or nature strip by your ever reliable firewood supplier but have no way of getting it stacked neatly near your back door.

It’s one of those jobs that falls in the category of very necessary but equally difficult! Do you have a wheelbarrow?, do you have the strength and dexterity to load up, travel and stack?. Surf coast maintenance is here to help you.

Give Andrew or Trish a call and we can both come over to your house that day and have all your firewood moved and stacked in no time at all and it won't cost the earth. We charge $75 an hour for two hard working, efficient maintenance experts and if the job takes less than an hour we have $50 minimum call out fee for the whole job.

And while we are on the subject of firewood and front lawns, I heard a funny story many of us have left things on our nature strip hoping that someone will claim them for their own and repurpose them into something creative and amazing (I had some pot stands that were repurposed by a passer by into steps for the entrance to their chicken coop) I have also seen firewood being offered from a fallen tree or land clearing.

But a friend told me that he had ordered his load of firewood for the winter only to find someone stacking it into their own car boot. When questioned by my friend the passer by was very apologetic saying that he thought the neatly delivered pile was free for anyone to take!! Cheeky hey!!